Want to perform on the main stage on Saturday night at the Zouk Fest?

Enter the SPOTLIGHT COMPETITION on Saturday afternoon at 1pm


This competition is free to all attendees at Zouk Fest who’s have purchased Full Weekend Pass*

*If you don’t have a full weekend pass there will be a entrance fee of £100 per person. You can purchase the entrance fee using the button below.

Entrance is for Couples or team of up to five couples or ten dancers.

Participants will perform to a track of their own choosing ( Choreography)
they will be judged by our panel of International Instructors/Performers

Dancer will be judged on:

1) Presentation
2) Music interpretation
3) Showmanship (entertainment)

To enter email us now.

 SPOTLIGHT ENTRANCE FEEspotlight-button-thumb-sm£100
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